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Book Clubs

Book Clubs meet monthly for a lively discussion of the club's "Monthly Read". 


The groups consist of regular members and spares. The regular members also act in turn as hosts for the Afternoon & Evening games. 

Dinner and a Movie

This is a popular, once monthly, inexpensive time out with Probus and friends. It takes place on the Tuesday that follows the monthly Probus meeting. Interested members sign up during the Probus meeting. Participants first attend the movie selected at on Speers Road, and afterwards drive 5 minutes down the road to have dinner at Mo’s Family Restaurant.


The groups consist of regular members and spares. The regular members also act in turn as hosts for the Afternoon & Evening games. 

Garden Club

The Garden Club meets during the months of June, July and August.  The concept is that those who appreciated gardening get together at one of the gardening club member's home and spend a leisurely evening getting acquainted with other “gardeners”. 


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Because everyone loves a party and most people ‘love’ and ‘have to’ eat, why not combine the works by coming to “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”?  A fun night, beginning at one house where you have drinks & hors d’oeuvres, and after about an hour are given the address of where you will be eating dinner.  The hosts, who accommodate 8 people including themselves, will have no idea who will arrive at their door.  


Joker is both a card and a board game for 4 players, and revolves around moving marbles around the board according to specific rules.  

Mexican Train Dominos

This is a game played with dominoes. The object of the game is for a player to play all the tiles from his or her hand onto one or more chains, or trains, emanating from a central hub or "station". 


A fun, monthly opportunity for our members to get together for a drink and “nibbles”.  Nibbles is a great venue for getting acquainted with new members and fortifying long time friendships.

Opera & Fine Dining

Monthly, join the club coordinator for an afternoon of opera.  The group goes to the Cineplex at Winston Churchill Boulevard to enjoy an opera streamed by the New York Metropolitan Opera, and afterwards a meal at a restaurant close to the cinema. 

Solo Club

The purpose of the Solo Club is to put individuals in contact with others for fun, fellowship, and to assist with transportation to events.

Tasty Diners

A  club that meets virtually.  One of the members presents a recipe for a meal that can be prepared on the top of the stove in about 30 minutes (some preparation ahead is usually needed). The “chef du jour” leads us through the preparation. After the meal is cooked, members sit together (virtually), with a glass of wine and enjoy the meal  and conversation.

Tasty Winers

A club for wine tasting and socializing.  Members meet monthly for an evening of fun.  Members take turns hosting - the host/hostess determines the "theme" for each tasting and purchases the wine.  Each club member contributes to cover the cost of the wine that is sampled at each tasting.

Tasty Wokkers

A club that meets virtually.  Members enjoy meals from any Asian country.  One of the members selects and presents a recipe for the meal. The “chef du jour” leads the other members through the preparation.  After the meal is cooked, members sit together, virtually, and enjoy the meal.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers is a group for walkers. The purpose of this group is to provide members with an opportunity to enjoy nature and the outdoors environment and embrace a healthy form of physical exercise.  There are organized walks year around (weather permitting in the winter months). 

Watcha Been Reading?

All members are encouraged to send a brief synopsis of something they have read, and would recommend to others, to the Group Coordinator.  Submissions are forwarded by the coordinator to all CPCNO members via email.

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